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There are TWO options to join us as a member or to Advertise with us. Should you wish to utilize our website to advertise your business or services to the 3000-4000 unique visitors to this site each month, you will want to join as an ADVERTISING Member, at a cost of $199 a year, payable in advance. (That's just 54 cents a day to market to 3000 to 4000 unique visitors). This includes the design fee to prepare your advert. (Additional costs may apply if we do not receive acceptable quality logos and / or images.)

If you just want to sign up for the FREE email's, Newsletter and events, you will join as a FREE Member. Select your choice to sign up below.

The ADVERTISING MEMBERSHIP will entitle you to the following for $240 a year, payable annually in advance :

  • A specially designed advertisement to promote your business on a page dedicated to your type of business. See our "Advertise your Business" section for the layout and design
  • Send us your pictures / headshot and business information so we can include all the correct details on your page
  • In addition you will receive an ad on our "Featured Advertising" page AND 2 emails of this ad sent to our entire database of 500+ members to publicize what you do. 

In addition to the above you will also receive the following services as the other members in our FREE MEMBERSHIP category :

  • Updates on events happening via email 
  • Special deals for great food at Charlotte's best restaurants, stores and service providers
  • Prizes and gifts from our sponsors at special events
  • Opportunities to network and meet new people socially and in business at our events
  • Network with other members for information that newcomers to Charlotte need
  • Support and fellowship with other members and their guests
  • Contact with local international organizations through 'Useful Links' web page
  • For Sale service for members to post items for sale
  • A Blog for you to vent your feelings!
  • Hear about Travel Specials and travel advice as they happen
  • Access to Photo Gallery of all our special events which are posted on the site to email or print your pictures to send to family or friends
  • South Africans in Charlotte operates as a non-profit association. If you are interested in helping us please volunteer your services by e-mailing us

We are not an employment agency and we unfortunately cannot find you a job

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