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Letter from the Organizer


Spring has arrived!

Dear Fellow South Africans and Friends,

Sawubona! Howzit! Dagsê! Dumela!

Join our South Africans In Charlotte Facebook page for up to date postings. 

For those traveling to SA any time soon, please be aware of the new regulations for traveling with children under the age of 18. Check out our home page for all the details. This applies to ALL nationalities, not just SA citizens! 

Please also check out our upcoming events on the home page of the website and under Upcoming Events. We are planning an event in September 2016 so watch this space!

South Africans continue to choose Charlotte and the Carolina's to move to and we are welcoming newcomers all the time. If you have any newcomers that you want us to welcome, please let us have their details. More and more families are moving to Charlotte, so the word is out about what a great place this is to work and raise a family. If you know someone who needs help with this big move go to
Please support our advertisers as they make it possible for us to continue to keep this website up and running. If you are interested in advertising your business or service on our website please register here for the details.

I'm looking for volunteers to help me with setting up some events and gatherings for 2016. Please contact me if you are interested in working on a small committee to get things moving again for our friends and families here in the Carolina's next year. 

Please tell your friends about our South Africans in Charlotte website. There are newcomers coming to our area every day and we would love to hear from them and place them on our free e-mailing list, to welcome them to the Carolina's. We also have SA in Charlotte business cards available to you to pass on to newcomers - contact us if you would like some.

Please send us your news, recipes, funny jokes and ideas so we can post them up here on the site for all to share.
One thing we unfortunately cannot help you with is employment in the US. We get many requests for help with finding a job. We are a social club, not an employment agency, but Pathway USA can asisst you with help in this regard :-)

Here are some great locations to visit in NC now. And some gorgeous places to see in our beautiful state of NC!
Groete and Best Wishes!

Dianne Stewart 
South Africans in Charlotte Organizer

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