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Boere Raad / Remedies

Please send us your family remedies to share!

Lorraine Peeve sent in this useful tip for fabric softener:

I found a wonderful replacement for fabric softener in the wash - during the final rinse add a quarter cup of white vinegar - this breaks down the alkaline and soap in the wash and your clothes come out very soft and without a smell and wonderful.

Cecile Smit  & Ella Rabe of Charlotte, NC sent in these very useful remedies!


boera raad flies
For keeping those pesky flies away from food outside

Place a small bowl of neat Dettol or Savlon on the table and also dot small amounts around the perimeter of the table. The flies will stay away! It really works - Thanks Ella for the tip!

Poison Ivy remedy
Treating horrible Poison Ivy stings
After walking in the park to train for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Cecile Smit ended up with awful weeping and itching stings on her lower legs. She visited the doctor and he prescribed a steroid cream which was a big mistake and its just grew much worse!   She then tried this Boere remedy!

Mix a paste of Turmeric (Borrie) powder mixed with pure lemon juice. Add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to deal with the itch, if necessary.

Place the paste to completely cover the sting area, until it dries completely then rinse off. Do not cover with a bandage. It will pull out all the poison that's growing inside the tissue.  Repeat the process once per day until its all gone.

She says she was way better in only two days. Thanks Cecile,  for sharing these useful tips!


Ons almal se hande ruik na uie as ons daarmee gewerk het. As jy klaar is met jou uie is dit so maklik soos skuur jou hande op jou "stainless steel" wasbak en die uie reuk is weg.

onion smell on hands