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This page is for you to share your business actvities! All you need to be is one of our Advertising Members to use this space. Go to the "Join Us" page to sign up.

All paid-up Advertising Members of South Africans in Charlotte are entitled to be on this page. Just $199 a year to advertise on this website which enjoys 3000-4000 unique visitors and over 25,000 page-views each month.

The folks listed here come well recommended and are either locals who want to assist South Africans and who understand our special needs or South African businesses people who want to advertise their services to their fellow SA ex-pats.

If you want to have your business featured here, just email us and send us a good JPEG head shot and or business logo and your business details and we'll post it up for you.

» Arts & Crafts
» Auto Repairs & Service
» Hair Stylist
» Books & Publications
» Caricatures
» Financial Services
» Fraud & Financial Scam Recovery Services
» Furniture
» Handmade Soap, Candles & Stationery
» Home Maintenance & Services
» Immigration Services
» Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising Services
» Real Estate & Interior Design
» SA Wine, Food & Groceries
» Software & Website Development
» Speech Communication Skills
» Executive Reading Training
» Travel Services

Disclaimer : While every attempt to check out our advertisers has been made, we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss whatsoever, which may be suffered by you, should you decide to use one of these suppliers or business providers. You do so at your own risk.

You may wish to check out the provider with the Charlotte Better Business Bureau at