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Accommodation in SA


If you have a property to rent or accommodation available, either here or in South Africa, let us know about it!


Looking for a great Realtor in Charlotte? Look no further than Lisa du Toit. She is originally from Durban and has lived in Charlotte for 10 years and knows the ropes. You will not regret having a smooth sailing experience with her, especially if you don't know the United States real estate market or the very different home buying or rental process. She has successfully settled many South Africans and other foreigners in homes in the Charlotte metro area. Email her here

Emily Moon River Lodge - Plettenburg Bay, Eastern Cape, SA

If you are looking for a simply fabulous lodge / bed and breakfast place in Plettenburg Bay, look no further than here.......Owned by Simon and Di Valentine (personal friends of Bruce & Di Stewart) you are guaranteed to have an incredible time in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa.