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There are TWO options to join us as a member or to Advertise with us. Should you wish to utilize our website to advertise your business or services to the 3000-4000 unique visitors to this site each month, you will want to join as an ADVERTISING Member, at a cost of $120 a year, payable in advance. (That's just $10 a month to market to 3000 to 4000 unique visitors). Plus a once-off design fee of $50 to prepare your advert. (Additional costs may apply if we do not receive acceptable quality logos and / or images.)

If you just want to sign up for the FREE email's, Newsletter and events, you will join as a FREE Member. Select your choice to sign up below.

The ADVERTISING MEMBERSHIP will entitle you to the following for $120 a year, payable annually in advance (Excludes $50 advertising design fee):

  • A specially designed advertisement to promote your business on a page dedicated to your type of business. See our "Advertise your Business" section for the layout and design
  • Send us your pictures / headshot and business information so we can include all the correct details on your page
  • In addition you will receive an ad on our "Featured Advertising" page AND 2 emails of this ad sent to our entire database of 500+ members to publicize what you do. 

In addition to the above you will also receive the following services as the other members in our FREE MEMBERSHIP category :

  • Updates on events happening via email 
  • Special deals for great food at Charlotte's best restaurants, stores and service providers
  • Prizes and gifts from our sponsors at special events
  • Opportunities to network and meet new people socially and in business at our events
  • Network with other members for information that newcomers to Charlotte need
  • Support and fellowship with other members and their guests
  • Contact with local international organizations through 'Useful Links' web page
  • For Sale service for members to post items for sale
  • A Blog for you to vent your feelings!
  • Hear about Travel Specials and travel advice as they happen
  • Access to Photo Gallery of all our special events which are posted on the site to email or print your pictures to send to family or friends
  • South Africans in Charlotte operates as a non-profit association. If you are interested in helping us please volunteer your services by e-mailing us

We are not an employment agency and we unfortunately cannot find you a job

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